Welcome to Expect Compliments! Our mission is to provide you with fashion accessories that enhance your look and bring compliments your way!  Every item has been carefully selected based on beauty, style and affordability.  For unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, we offer a signature line of custom-designed, handcrafted jewelry.  

All of our offerings may be purchased either at one of our shows in the metropolitan Atlanta area, or through our Online Shop.

Booth at Brasstown Show

What Makes Expect Compliments Special?

tibetan beadsExpect Compliments was founded by Marisa Pellegrini, who brings her creative passion and eye for color and style to every handcrafted or hand-selected item she offers.  Her signature jewelry line features unique pieces crafted from semi-precious stones and crystals, combined in intricate and dramatic patterns to create works of art.

Marisa welcomes feedback from her customers and will create custom jewelry upon request.  She is often asked to incorporate heirloom pieces into new, modern designs.  Marisa truly loves the design process and her customers love wearing her jewelry and accessories.  "Expect Compliments" says it all.